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i thought about this So when the current World Surf League Champion asked me to come up with his brand identity, my immediate response was, which one of my friends is playing a joke on me? When I realized it was for real I was beyond honored and excited to get to work. Mineirinho’s road, or ocean, to becoming World Champion was not an easy one, coming from “nothing,” his rise to success is a true Brazilian story of hard work and determination, something that I admire and tried to bring out through my design story.

directory Intro First Brazilian to lead a world ranking, second from the country to lift up the trophy of best in the world, and among those responsible for clearing the path for the “Brazilian Storm” in surf – Mineirinho lived through a ten year battle in the elite competitions until being rewarded for a life of dedication.  Current world champion, the ‘paulista’ from Guaruja starts a journey to his second title.

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informative post A surfer of a humble background, he grew up in the favela of Santo Antonio in the Guaruja; his first steps in the sport was thanks to a gift  from his brother, Angelo de Souza – a R$30, second-hand, worn-out surfboard.

mail d'accroche pour site de rencontre Adriano de Souza began to surf at the age of eight years old, starting in the world of tournaments and competitions by ten. At fifteen, Mineirinho was the youngest professional champion when he won the SuperSurf, of the Brazilian Circuit. In 2004 he became the junior world champion in Australia, and in August of the following year he beat the record in points at QS securing his spot next to the bests in the world in 2006. In ten seasons competing in the elite, Adriano has been in the top ten in seven of them. He became one of the main references of a “golden generation”, collecting great feats through his career up to becoming the world champion.


Adriano acquired his nickname of Mineirinho through his older brother, Angelo de Souza, who got him started in surfing. He nicknamed him Mineirinho because he was a boy that didn’t speak much and had a shy and introverted personality.


Angelo de Souza played an instrumental role in getting Mineirinho started in his career.  He was the one who gave him his first surfboard- a fact that the Brazilian remembered as he conquered the world of surfing.

I want to highlight my brother; this is all due to him.  He bought me my first surfboard for $7, about R$30, which was a lot of money for him.  But today I am at the top thanks to R$ 30.  I love you” said Mineirinho after his victory.


The young prodigy started to surf at eight years old, starting in the world of surfing tournaments and competitions by ten.  He entered the surfing elite in 2006, and since then Adriano has not left the sight of the media, who sees in him one of the greatest potentials of Brazilian surfing.  

Number 13

Mineirinho was born on February 13th, 1987.  From the sands of Guaruja, coast of Sao Paulo, to the world.  Today, the world champion, who roots for the soccer team “Corinthians”, surfs with the number 13 on his back.  

13 is the area code of my city, Guaruja, lower end of Santos. It’s my lucky number.




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