Vandelay Industries

Fine Latex Goods

Personal Project

Overview Inspired by one of our favorite Seinfeld episodes, we created a line of condoms for Vandelay Industries using the greatest latex salesman to never be, George Costanza.

Our Prophylactics

les sites de rencontres non payant No matter if you’re an Independent George or a Relationship George, we have a condom for you, because a George divided against itself cannot stand erect.


site de rencontre sérieux et totalement gratuit For the man who didn’t just get out of the pool.


why not try this out For when you are not feeling like Robert Wagner.


rencontres femmes 73 For the man that likes to get it licked like a wedding invitation envelope.


check out this site For the man that does it like he’s doing taxes.

The Average George

rogaine 2 canada When you live in a society where mediocrity is the standard, the Average George stands above the rest. This is the condom for the man that embraces being a short bald guy with glasses who suddenly does not seem so funny. The Average George doesn’t shoot for exceptional it shoots for ordinary. Besides standing out in a crowd is for super heroes and we don’t trust men in capes.

The Tasty George

When you ask for a little extra attention down there do you get the same look your father gave you when you told him you wanted to be a ventriloquist?
Then give them a bit of the Tasty George. One lick and they’ll go at it like it’s Ring Dings and Pepsi.

The Big George

The Big George is for the man who looks terrific standing in front of any bathroom mirror. A man who would proudly pose nude for a portrait then gives out giant pictures of that portrait to his employees to hang on the walls in their homes like he was Lenin.

The Forever George

The Forever George is an all-nighter waiting to happen, and even if you can’t follow through with the marathon love-making-fest you promised, just remember it’s not a lie if you believe it.


When I use Vandelay Condoms the girls always say ‘Alright hi-five!’

David PuddyGrease Monkey

Whenever I need to have sex to save a friendship, I use Vandelay Condoms.

Jerry SeinfiledComedian

Anytime I’m in there with a Vandelay Condom I think to myself, boy I’d like to get this on video. Watch it in slow motion and freeze frame it!

Cosmo KramerBakery Employee (On Strike)

Doing it with Vandelay Condoms is just like the mail, it keeps coming, and coming, and coming.

Newman, MailmanCostumer

For over 20 years Vandelay Industries has been an importer, exporter, and purveyor of fine latex goods. Now we are continuing that tradition with Vandelay Industries Latex Condoms.

And who better to help us launch our latest latex endeavor than the man who put us on the map, George Costanza. George is more than just our latex salesman he is the inspiration for each of our fine latex rubber lines.

So whenever you think about fornicating, think about George Costanza and Vandelay Industries.