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Closer Than You Think

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Pacifico Beer

Closer Than You Think

Pacifico is a lifestyle that also happens to be brewed. A beer that’s not for couches or cupholders.
So how do you get people outside during a lockdown? With a beer. And a drone. For Closer Than You Think, Pacifico went to CA to show urbanites just how close they are to our kind of adventure.

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Snapchat Lenses

As part of “Closer Than You Think” we created a Snapchat World Lens that shows Gen Z in major cities how close they actually are to nearby hiking trails, with data like distance, difficulty and weather.

The Pacifico bottle will act as a compass rose, indicating where the “nearby” outdoor adventure is. **Launching this Fall.

Unanchored Art

For those curious and spirited enough, outdoor paradises and creative havens are potentially a short distance away. The right setting can become a backdrop to inspiration.
Unanchored Art connects the passion of sand artist Andres Amador to a unique outdoor experience. It roots deeply in the values of the Pacifico brand; breaking away from the status quo and showing everyone that living life anchors up is always within reach.

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